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Flex-Mate CPM Spare Parts Listing 

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Flex-Mate K500 Knee CPM 

P/N        Description

03555         Hospital Bed Clamp                           

06490         Soft Goods, KLC Quilted Pad Set

06750         Soft Goods, KLC Generic

70004         Foot Plate Hardware Kit

70005         Male Knob Replacement Kit

70006         Belt Replacement Kit

70007         Old Belt Replacement Kit

70016         Large Pulley Assy

70034         Hospital Bed Strap

70039         CPM Oiler Lubricant

70077         Cable, Controller, K500 (Molded)

70078         Cable, Controller, K500 (Heyco)

71160         Timing Pulley / Belt Assy Kit

71170         Bearing Assy Replacement Kit

71180         Push Rivet Kit (24 Qty)

71190         Potentiometer Assy Kit (Heyco)

71200         Lead Screw w/Nut Assy Kit

71205         Nut Housing Assy

71206         Lead Screw Nut (Only) Kit

71210         Box w/Custom Packing Foam

71220         Membrane Switch Kit

71230         Rod End Ball Joint Kit

71240         Brush / Rod Assy Kit

71250         Flexmate Handle Assy Kit

71270         Optical Sensor Assy Kit

71280         Motor Assy Kit

71290         Transformer Repl Kit (Heyco)

71300         Controller Assy Repl Kit (Heyco)

71310         Power Switch Repl Kit

71330         Foot Plate Assy Repl Kit

71480         CPM Housing Repl Kit (Heyco)

71485         Housing Repl Kit (Top Cover Only) - Heyco

71490         Housing Repl Kit (Top Cover Only) - Molded

73616         Electronics Upgrade Kit

76520         Transformer Repl Kit (Molded)

76521         Housing Repl Kit (Molded)

76522         Controller Assy Repl Kit (Molded)

76523         Motor PCB Repl Kit

76524         Potentiometer Repl Kit (Molded)

76525         Non Skid Pad Kit (10/ea.)

76526         Main PCB Repl Kit

78463         Potentiometer Cap w/Clip (Qty 6)


Flex-Mate S500 Shoulder CPM

P/N         Description

71660           Soft Good, Handle

70008           Box w/Custom Packing Foam

70009           Knob Replacement Set

70011           Controller PCB Assy

70012           Tape Replacement Kit

70021           Motor Drive Harness

70028           Goniometer Harness

71700           S500 Controller Assy

71710           Transformer Assy

71720           Motor PCB Assy


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Trade-in Program 

If you have old or broken down Flex-Mate units that you would like to trade-in against the purchase of New Flex-Mate devices talk to one of our Technicians or Sales Team members.
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Flex-Mate K500 Soft Goods

Reorder (Item # 06490)
passive motion
KLC Services "Black Diamond Quilt" soft goods are designed and made specifically for the Flex-Mate K500 Knee CPM. This ensures proper fit and coverage to the device and better protection and comfort to the patient.

(Kit includes: Femoral and Tibial pad, boot and auxiliary strap.)

KLC Generic Soft Good 
Reorder (Item # 06750)
passive motion machine
KLC Services Generic CPM Soft Good is designed to fit a variety of CPM devices (Flex-Mate, Chattanooga, Kinetec, Danninger, Phoenix, Artromot)  This plush, easy to use pad provided superior protection and comfort to the patient