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Here is a list of some informative links about CPM.   We hope this list helps you learn and research more about Continuous Passive Motion and it application, benefits, and reimbursement.   Enjoy!

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How to Ensure The Best Therapy Outcomes Using a CPM  

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How to Work with Referral Partners to Provide CPMs Post-Surgery

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How to Start Offering CPMs to Patients

Aging in Place

How health care equipment has found it's place in the home of elderly patients          

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Getting Your Foot in the Door - How to Integrate CPM's into your range of services

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Flexible, Considerate Therapy - How to ensure bariatric CPM patients gain optmal benefit from therapy

HME Business Article

How to Ensure Optimal Outcomes for Patients with CPM Devices


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Trade-in Program 

If you have old or broken down Flex-Mate units that you would like to trade-in against the purchase of New Flex-Mate devices talk to one of our Technicians or Sales Team members.
This is a great way to improve your aging fleet of CPM's !!!

Flex-Mate K500 Soft Goods

Reorder (Item # 06490)
passive motion
KLC Services "Black Diamond Quilt" soft goods are designed and made specifically for the Flex-Mate K500 Knee CPM. This ensures proper fit and coverage to the device and better protection and comfort to the patient.

(Kit includes: Femoral and Tibial pad, boot and auxiliary strap.)

KLC Generic Soft Good 
Reorder (Item # 06750)
passive motion machine
KLC Services Generic CPM Soft Good is designed to fit a variety of CPM devices (Flex-Mate, Chattanooga, Kinetec, Danninger, Phoenix, Artromot)  This plush, easy to use pad provided superior protection and comfort to the patient