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Flex-Mate Continuous Passive Motion Devices 

The Standard for Knee & Shoulder Therapy

Discover the amazing benefits of our Flex-Mate® Continuous Passive Motion Devices from KLC Services, Inc. If you have any questions about either of our systems, feel free to contact us directly at our corporate office in Hilliard, Ohio at (866) 532-3534.

Flex-Mate K500 Anatomical Knee CPM

The Flex-Mate K500 is an anatomical Knee Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) device that provides a full range of motion (ROM) of minus (-10°) in extension to (120°) of flexion. No configuration change is needed for right or left applications. At only 26 pounds, the Flex-Mate K500 is a lightweight CPM device that is portable and ideal for both home and hospital use. The easy-to-use controls located on the handheld pendant allow the user to start or stop the unit, as well as, adjust for flexion, extension, speed, and pause settings. In addition, a lockout feature can be incorporated to prevent unintentional or unauthorized setting changes.The Flex-Mate K500 accommodates a wide range of patient sizes due to its ability to be easily converted for both adult and pediatric applications with no additional accessories required.

New Flex-Mate K500 Bariatric unit.  Great for both normal and oversized patients in both the home and hospital setting. All the same features and functions as our Standard Flex-Mate K500 but with 2-1/2" of additional width in the thigh carriage to better accomodate your oversized patients more comfortably.


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Flex-Mate K500 Literature

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NEW Flex-Mate K500 Bariatric CPM

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Flex-Mate S500 Anatomical Shoulder CPM

The Flex-Mate S500 is an anatomical Shoulder Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Device that provides a very simplified alternative to other shoulder devices currently on the market. Major benefits of the Flex-Mate S500 are that it provides the patient with a combination of anatomical, unrestricted, and functional movement. The unique design of the Flex-Mate S500 allows the joint to move naturally through the path of least resistance while maintaining minimal scapular movement. The Flex-Mate S500 is simple to set up, take down, and operate. It adjusts for abduction/adduction, rotation, and elevation. It's designed to be used for both home and hospital settings and can be used during the early post-op stages of rehab while lying supine in bed.

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Flex-Mate S500 Literature

Parts, Service, & Repair. KLC Services is a full line service & repair company for all Flex-Mate® CPM devices.  Additionally, KLC Services sells original Flex-Mate parts so you can repair your Flex-Mate CPM's yourself.  KLC Services offers a full 2-Year warranty on all new CPM's purchased and a 90-day limited warranty on all parts and service repairs. 

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Trade-in Program 

If you have old or broken down Flex-Mate units that you would like to trade-in against the purchase of New Flex-Mate devices talk to one of our Technicians or Sales Team members.
This is a great way to improve your aging fleet of CPM's !!!

Flex-Mate K500 Soft Goods

Reorder (Item # 06490)
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KLC Services "Black Diamond Quilt" soft goods are designed and made specifically for the Flex-Mate K500 Knee CPM. This ensures proper fit and coverage to the device and better protection and comfort to the patient.

(Kit includes: Femoral and Tibial pad, boot and auxiliary strap.)

KLC Generic Soft Good 
Reorder (Item # 06750)
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KLC Services Generic CPM Soft Good is designed to fit a variety of CPM devices (Flex-Mate, Chattanooga, Kinetec, Danninger, Phoenix, Artromot)  This plush, easy to use pad provided superior protection and comfort to the patient