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KLC Services Inc., located in London Ohio, is an orthopedic medical supply manufacturer of continuous passive motion devices (CPMs). Our company is dedicated to providing cost-competitive products and customer service that exceeds our clients' expectations. Every continuous passive motion machine is lightweight and user-friendly, perfect for patients in both home or hospital settings during the post-recovery phase following knee or shoulder surgery. CPM machines work by allowing the user to apply slow, rhythmic, and continuous movement to joints immediately following a joint injury or surgery. This passive motion method has been shown to be superior to immobilization of the joint, as it has been shown to nurture and regenerate cartilage while maintaining joint nutrition and lubrication and the patient's range of motion (ROM), reducing rehabilitation time.

KLC Services manufactures three models of Flex-Mate continuous passive motion machines. The Flex-Mate K500 is our Standard Knee CPM machine that provides a full range of motion with easy-to-use controls that stop, start, or pause the unit, as well as adjust it for flexion, extension, and speed. We also make a Bariatric version of the Flex-Mate K500 that incorporates all the same features and functions as the Standard K500, except it provides an additional 2-1/2" of width in the thigh region to better accommodate oversized or larger patients. Both the Standard and Bariatric versions can be used for both adult and pediatric needs. The Flex-Mate S500 Shoulder CPM is used to help patients rehabilitate post-surgically following a variety of shoulder injuries or surgery. The Flex-Mate S500 CPM offers a simplified alternative to other shoulder devices on the market, while still providing the patient with anatomical, unrestricted, and functional movement. Its unique design allows the joint to move naturally through the path of least resistance while maintaining minimal scapular movement.

KLC Services is also a full line service and repair company for all Flex-Mate CPM Devices. We also sell original parts for all models. Each newly purchased CPM device comes with a full 2-year warranty and a 90-day limited warranty on all parts and service repairs.

Our goal is to continually meet or exceed the challenging and changing demands of the healthcare marketplace.

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Helping You Provide Total Patient Care -

Flex-Mate® CPM's for both Upper and Lower Extremities.

Both the Standard and Bariatric Flex-Mate® K500 Anatomical Knee CPM device and the Flex-Mate® S500 Anatomical Shoulder CPM® device have helped countless patients rehabilitate their shoulders and knees following surgery. KLC Services, Inc., is proud to continue the tradition of providing customer-friendly service and cost-competitive products that you've come to expect. Whether you're a medical equipment supplier, hospital, orthopedic clinic, or rehabilitation facility, KLC Services invites you to contact us to learn more about the therapeutic benefits our Flex-Mate® Continuous Passive Motion devices can provide to your patients.

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Trade-in Program

If you have old or broken down Flex-Mate units that you would like to trade-in against the purchase of New Flex-Mate devices talk to one of our Technicians or Sales Team members.
This is a great way to improve your aging fleet of CPM's !!!

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